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We love to solve problems, it's fun and it keeps our brains active. When we complete the last bit of the puzzle we experience streams of pleasure and acheivement!

Here we have a created a wide selection of puzzles with a Bible theme to engage your mind and immerse you in the Word of God at the same time. It's a fun way to learn about the Bible, it sharpens our minds, and the easier Bible puzzles are a great way to keep children's attention in Sunday School!

There are more difficult Bible puzzles that the adults will enjoy too. Feel free to borrow them for your church newsletters or study gatherings. If you like a puzzle, print it out and share it with your friends! There are printable versions of most puzzles and many are interactive and can be played online.


CrossWord Puzzles

Bible Crossword Puzzles

An old favourite, comprising of clues to give answers which must be inserted into the grid either across or down. Mostly in the style of British crosswords, but there are also some cryptics and some free-form crosswords too.

Word Search Puzzles

Bible Word Search Puzzles

Always a hit with the children who love the simplicity of finding the hidden word amongst all the other letters. Although generally easy in nature they will always be popular with all ages! The word searches are printable and very suitable for Sunday School lessons.

Bible Hangman

Bible Hangman

Guess the missing letters in this popular word game before your time is up!

Codeword Puzzles

Bible Codeword Puzzles

A more advanced kind of word puzzle where each letter is represented by a number. As you fill in more letters you will need to work out (or guess) what the remaining numbers represent to complete the words. There is at least one of every letter from A - Z in this puzzle making it pangrammatic.

Bible Logic Puzzles

Bible Logic Puzzles

Use the clues to narrow down the answer by process of elimination.

Kriss-Kross Puzzles

Bible Fill-in Puzzles

Similar to crossword puzzles, but there are no clues, just answers. The twist is that we don't tell you where to put them into the grid, you have to work that out for yourself! I suppose it's a bit like a jigsaw puzzle really, just with words. These puzzles are also known as Jig Words and Kriss Kross.

Anagram Puzzles

Bible Anagram Puzzles

Take a word, name or phrase and mix up the letters - what have you got? An anagram! It's quite common to find clever anagrams, for example "Do it, mean it!" becomes "meditation"!

Bible Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Fit the pieces together to make complete pictures.

Other Bible Puzzles

Other Bible Puzzles

Other puzzles that don't fit into the other categories.

Bible Dingbat Puzzles


The Say What You See Bible rebus puzzles. Phrases, names or sayings linked with the Bible cunningly hidden in cryptic ways. They are also known as WHATZIT? in the USA.

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